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Rejected Stories

Title: Town Meeting
Rejected by: The Leviathan
Date Rejected: 9/20/2008
Message: We regret to inform you that your story Town Meeting was not selected for the upcoming issue of the Leviathan. The committee did like your story, but we had many submissions and the competition was very stiff. We hope that you will continue to submit in the future.

Title: Look
Rejected by: The Leviathan
Date Rejected: 11/17/2008
Message: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, your piece was not selected for the upcoming issue. If you would like more specific feedback from the committee on “Look” please email me at ____ and I will email the notes I took during the meeting to you.
(Notes: The committee had mixed feelings about your piece. There were people who liked the style, rhythm , and repetition. Others did not. Some people were impartial. Overall people seemed to think that the story really didn’t go anywhere. They felt the style was distracting and there was too much “telling” instead of showing.)

Title: Look
Rejected by: Harper’s Magazine
Date Rejected: 9/23/2009
Message: Dear Mr. Sherman,

Thank you for sending your story along, but I’m afraid it’s not quite right for Harper’s Magazine. Please know that we publish only twelve stories a year and receive hundreds of submissions for each one of those spots; under such circumstances, a “no” should be taken to mean “no room” as opposed to “no good.” Best of luck placing the story elsewhere, and best of luck with all your writing.

Ben Metcalf
Literary Editor

Title: Tales of the Sky and Sea
Rejected by: The Leviathan
Date Rejected: N/A
Message: (I was never informed of this rejection. The story simply never appeared in the issue.)

Title: Dust
Rejected by: 365 Tomorrows
Date Rejected: 11/16/2009
Message: We received your submission to 365 Tomorrows but cannot accept it at this time. This may be due to a need for editing, a theme that does not fit within the scope of the site, or the fact that we have recently accepted a story similar to yours. We invite you to go over the submission guidelines, edit your story, and submit it or another piece at a later time. Thank you for your interest in 365.

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  1. RGS permalink
    December 9, 2009 6:16 pm

    I love a good reject page! Shows seriousness of intent, which is terrific! :-)

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